Learn the Keys to Creating a Great Marketing Technology Strategy

Our whitepaper on marketing technology strategy prepares marketers with the insights they need to create a data-driven, customer-focused technology approach that supports more effective marketing.

Helping Marketers Face the Challenge of Integrating Marketing and Technology


Marketing Technology Know-How

Actuan Global is a marketing technology consulting firm. We help marketers align technology with their marketing goals to create exceptional customer experiences.

Companies build a web site, “engage” on social, send emails, post videos on YouTube and do search marketing. Customers don’t think that way. They’re all about multi-channel engagement and they expect you to keep up.  They flow from offline to online much more fluidly than the campaign silos of marketers suggest. For customers, each interaction with your brand is part of a continuum of experiences and marketing technologies are at the forefront.

From enabling true customer engagement to marketing analytics, thinking critically about marketing technology strategy is key to helping marketers design more effective, more compelling campaigns. Actuan Global strives to be a catalyst for our clients by making the path to using technology more efficient and easier to navigate.



Create solutions that use technology as a tool to drive customers to action and cause them to convert

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Gauge the performance of your programs and use the resulting data to make changes that improve the effectiveness of your programs

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Actively manage the content, programs and technology components supporting the delivery of exceptional customer experiences

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